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RPAwesome: Custom Robotic Process Automtion for SAP Ariba

Automation is one of the key pillars of global digitisation. In many cases it’s the simple, repetitve tasks that are taking up employees’ time, all while leaving vital back-office processes vulnerable to human error.  

RPAwesome is a powerful custom Rob otic Process Automation tool that helps SAP Ariba users spend less time on dull, time-stealing repetitive jobs. One worker can do the work of around 3 using our powerful custom RPA solution. Not only that; dull, fiddly tasks are taken over by the RPAwesome bot. 

No more risking repetitive strain injury or hours spent eyeballing reports, looking for errors. RPAwesome does all of this and more. Your workers can now be free to focus on more creative and complex operations. 

Save Time With Faster Data Processing

With RPAwesome one employee can do the work of as many as three, all with fewer errors and less manual interactions.

Lower Training Costs

Fewer manual tasks and a lower employee headcount all lead to lower training costs.

Built-in Error Correction

Auditing and optimisation during initial RPAwesome deployment is backed up built-in error-checking procedures and fewer manual touch-points.

Ent-to-end Auditing & Process Optimisation

RPA makes it easier to trace and audit data pathways, something that’s especially useful for things like invoices. Additionally, Data handling processes are audited and optimised when RPA is first set up, and further monitoring and optimisation is simple.

In addition to saving your workforce hours of boredom and frustrating manual checks, RPAwesome keeps your team focused on high-value activities that require human attention to maximise ROI for your procurement team.

RPAwesome includes a range of extras to make your experience even better. From the free 2-week audit report to assess all your systems and suggest future improvements and upgrades through to the ability to integrate RPAwesome with our other products like our Satori chatbot for MS Teams and Slack to enable users to complete complex procurement tasks in moments from any smart device, we make sure every customer gets the most out of their SAP Ariba deployment.

Get in touch today for more information about our free 15-day trial offer.

Why Choose SapiencceS2P?

 There are a number of reasons to choose SapienceS2P for your RPA needs. Not only will you get access to some of the most experienced consultants in the business, you will also benefit from our extra services whether you’re interested in our other products (like our MS Teams and Slack chatbot for SAP Ariba) or just benefiting from the insights of our free 2-week audit and report.

Highly Experienced Consultants

Our team boasts some of the most experienced consultants in the business, with our top people boasting over 20 years of experience in procurement automation covering almost every industry.


Free 2-Week Audit & Report

All of our customers are offered a 2-week audit and report with insights into their procurement and ERP systems. This report includes recommendations for future updates and upgrades, ideas for optimising your systems, and more.

Onshore / Offshore Model For Global Support

Our onshore/offshore model gives you access to top SAP talent on-site and remotely no matter where you are in the world. Our business model makes sure you get access to the best people for your business and industry.

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