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SAP Ariba Snap

SAP Ariba Snap gives mid-sized companies access to a range of key procure-to-pay (P2P) tools designed to give growing organisations access to many of the benefits of a full source-to-pay deployment.

Not only can your growing business enjoy the benefits of modern digital procurement, Ariba Snap also gets you ready for the upgrade to SAP Ariba for when the time is right. In the meantime, Ariba Snap will help you take control of spending and enforce compliance and is designed to easily scale as you grow.

SAP Ariba Snap offers growing businesses the chance to start taking advantage of digital procurement earlier on in their growth cycle, including access to features like Satori and Roshi, our digital procurement assistants.


Who Should Buy Ariba Snap?

If your annual turnover is less than USD $1 billion, or your annual third-party spend is under USD $500 million, you’re the right size for Ariba Snap. Once you’re a part of the Ariba Network, it’s easy for your organisation to upgrade to SAP Ariba Cloud when the time is right.

You’ll join over 3.6 million companies in 190 countries as part of the Ariba Network of buyers and suppliers. You get access to the same network-based business opportunities as companies using our full SAP Ariba S2P deployment. At the same time, Ariba Snap helps you monitor and manage your own spend, and by typing all of your contracts, invoices, and purchase orders together in one searchable digital function you’ll gain a huge number of insights and benefits for your procurement operation.

With SAP Ariba Snap, you’ll be able to easily manage your P2P funcitons, and move on to S2P when your organisation is ready.


Rapid Deployment

 Pre-configured spend categories and customizeable deployment templates make it possible to deploy SAP Ariba Snap in as little as 12 weeks.


Kiss Paperwork Goodbye

Get the most out of your digital transformation with paper-free invoicing and contract management. Say goodbye to faxes and lost paperwork.


Advanced Templates

Advanced templates make it easy to procduce professional contracts, invoices, and more in moments – minimising staff training needs.

Comprehensive Catalogue

The Ariba Network gives you access to the biggest B2B marketplace in the world. Over 3.6 million buyers and sellers, filtered by a range of useful features.


Buy Within 3 Bids

With thousands of suppliers and millions of network participants, you might think bidding would be complex. However, our system lets you bid and finalise a price in just 3 bids.


Focus on Your Favourites

You can choose to focus on your preferred suppliers by asking them to bid on your latest procurement requests. Swiftly get the best quality and price from your suppliers.


Suppliers Rated and Filtered

Carefully vetted supplier ratings are based on a range of in-house and third-party parameters, from financial stability through to environvmental impact and disability rights.

Conformity on your Spending

 With guided buying and a range of other tools, you can be sure your employees only buy from suppliers that fit your requirements – whatever they are.

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